Our company and its history

 Warren, Ohio in the early 1900'sLynn, Kittinger and Noble can trace back its beginnings back to 1913. It was then that C.R. Bricker began supplying engineering and surveying services to the Warren, Ohio area. A few years later in 1919, the firm evolved to Bricker and Braunburns, and the business was located on High Street in downtown Warren.

In the 1940's, America was entrenched in World War 2, and due to the departure of Mr. Braunburns, the firm was known as Bricker and Associates. There was, however, a young engineer on staff named Kenneth Lynn, and in 1947 the firm became known as Bricker and Lynn.

In 1960, the firm once again went through another change and the company came to be known as Kenneth A. Lynn and Associates. By January 1970, the firm had moved their office to Youngstown Road, and two new partners; Clayton Kittinger, and Robert Noble had become owners in the firm. From that point forward, the company has been known as Lynn, Kittinger and Noble.

 As times have changed, so has the firm. New partners, locations and advances in technology have all played  a part in making Lynn, Kittinger and Noble what it is today.Trumbull county courthouse, Warren, Ohio Through both good and bad times, however, Lynn, Kittinger and Noble has stayed true to one key element; the element that has made us a success for almost 100 years. That element is a simple one: Having a staff made up of great people that do outstanding work.

The mission of Lynn, Kittinger and Noble is to be responsive to our client's specific needs, and to commit ourselves to exceeding all expectations of those clients by dedicating ourselves to maintaining costs within our clients' working budget, adhering to project schedules and providing the highest quality results. All of these factors have fanned the foundation of our success and remains the constant goal of the firm.